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Need Xbox Controller to play (3 of them)

Game: Curse of the Candycombs
Team Name: The Empty String

Move - Left Joystick
Attack - X
Interact - 
Special Attack - A

How to Play:
You and your 2 companions must reach the end of the Candycombs and obtain the 4th flavor unscathed. You must solve various
puzzles and get past hoards of candy demons to reach Kneels' hidden chamber, but at a cost. In order to progress through the
dungeon, you must sacrifice a portion of your life force for the good of the team. In order to traverse through the dungeon
You will need to shift the rooms throughout after providing a sacrifice to Kneels' soul-rending candy bowls. Will you sacrifice
Your own life for the good of the whole? or will you cower in fear at the hands of the spirit of Halloween? 

Each survivor has their own unique abilities to help them survive the candycombs.

Attack: A powerful scythe swing
Special: A damaging forward dash

Blood Mage
Attack: Ranged blood missiles
Special: Temporary invulnerability

Attack: A series of short range slash attacks
Special: A howl of fear that scares enemies away


Candycombs.zip 58 MB

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